Thursday, March 17, 2011

3-D Shapes (freebie)

I made up this book really fast since we are talking about 3-D shapes when we start back.  I will have the kids cut out the shapes anglue them on the correct page.  They will decorate the picture and write what each shape can look like (ie The cone is like a traffic cone).

If you would like the publisher version so you can add shapes, let me know.

I also plan to have the kids assemble 3-D shapes using the templates from here:

If you have any great ideas on how you teach 3D shapes, please share them!


Kathy said...

Hey Mrs. I

Mr. Harry's Kindergarten has a cute song video with 3D shapes. It is called 3D Shapes I know.

First Grade a la Carte

Mel said...

I lime dit vers mouche do you Knowl if I can find it in French?

Mel said...

I would say: I like it very much... Sorry