Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's Product Swap Time

My partner this time is Stephanie over at Primary Possibilities.  This is a great blog to check out if you haven't yet.

I tried out her Play-dough Math activities.  These are a great pack of common core based math activities  using play-dough.  What kid doesn't love using play-dough?!
There are shapes to build and practice naming.  These would be great to roll snakes and build it so you can talk about sides and corners and such.
There are number boards with dots that correspond.  My smartie rolled balls to match the number and then held up the fingers to match.  These would be great to cut apart and make a matching game with too!
There are ten frames too!
There are also addition cards.  She rolled the balls for the problem and then in the end made snakes to make the numeral for the answer.

I don't use pictures from my classroom on her but these are a huge hit!  I would recommend this set for all Kindergarten teachers!

Be sure to check out Stephanie's TpT store and blog.  (She'll be posting about my Pirate unit!)

Have a great weekend!