Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pinterest Yummies!

So this post is completely not school related, but come on everyone loves food!

*Click the pictures to go to the recipes!*

First up are these yummy pancake bites!  I made up some bacon and blueberry ones last night so hubby can take them in for breakfast when he exercises at work (yes, they are lucky and have a gym at his work!).  I didn't actually eat any but hubby and one of his friend assured me they were yummy!  I did make a few changes.  We used normal pancake mix and I used sugar free pancake syrup instead of the carmel syrup and it worked perfectly.  Hubby warmed them up and enjoyed them without any additional syrup needed!

Next is this awesome soup!  I have made this numerous times now.  We absolutely LOVE it!  Hubby and I do add a little hot sauce to our bowls.  Seriously addictive!

Hopefully you won't all abandon me for this non-teaching post.  I can't promise there won't be more! : )

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pre-New Year's Resolution

I have been a REALLY bad blogger.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I have not felt very creative lately due to some district adoptions for this year that are just very boring to me.  It is my goal to find a way to make these better and more engaging for me and my students!  With that I also want to share what I am doing with all of you!!

I wanted to share this with you.  I have had a lot of students with allergies the last couple of years.  My nurse sent this out and I am so happy to find it!  This site updates a list of peanut and egg free products. I know it is hard for my parents to find things so this should be a great help!

I hope you find this useful.  I promise to post a freebie soon!

Psst...don't forget to head over to TpT to grab some goodies before the sale is over tonight! (I've added a few new things!)