Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Writer's Workshop Writing Paper (freebie)

So we are doing things a little differently so that is why I haven't been on as much.  We are doing reader's and writer's workshops this year.  We are busy making plans that look like this.

Exciting to share, right?  I did make some new writing paper to use during writer's workshop since my little darlings are nowhere near ready for the double check writing paper.  It is pretty basic but if you want it come grab it.  The box at the top is for the date stamp!

I am totally using this idea from Giggle and Squeals to post the papers on the wall and they get to sign it when they have "mastered" writing on that many lines.  I think they will love it!

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Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

I don't know about you but we are having to come up with all kinds of things as we transition to the the Common Core State Standards this year.  

Then I found this  Have you seen this book yet?  It looks AMAZING!  This book has over 600 pages dedicated to the Kindergarten Common Core.  It has worksheets, activity centers and posters for all of the ELA and Math Standards.  Check out the sample pages at the link above (seriously they are adorable with fabulous graphics).  This looks like such a great resource to have!  The best's only $39.99.  Not too shabby for so many activities!

And don't worry if you are not Kindergarten, they have them for other grades too!  Just follow the link above and you can easily find other grade options!

So hurry over and check it out now!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Awesome Smartboard Pointer!

So I showed you my new Smartboard that I am way to excited about having.  Well I now have an awesome pointer to make it even more fun that I found over at SmartMoves!

Check out this cuteness!

 And the back is covered in foam so it is gentle and easy to slide on the Smartboard.
My kids think it is great!  They love that it is cute and slides easily.   It is a nice length so it helps them reach toward the top without needing a stool!  It is well made and seems sturdy which is always a plus in Kindergarten!!

Head over to SmartMoves to check these out!  They are well worth the $15!  I may have to buy another one soon just to have a variety of cuteness!

*I was send this pointer free of charge in return for my honest review.  The opinions expressed are my own!