Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daily 5/Guided Math Help

I am doing Daily 5 with my Kindergarteners for Literacy.  I am interested in doing the same idea for Math.  Does anyone else do this for K or 1st grade?  What rotations do you have?  Any resources or guidance you might have would be appreciated!


Fern Smith said...

Hi Cathy,
I use the Daily Five and have flexed the concept for my Math Class. I have four rotations:
1. Mrs. Smith {introduce lesson to small group by ability}
2. Computers ~ Fast Math or SuccessMaker {on Friday any Math web site that is linked from our school web site}
3. Basic Fact Center ~ center games, file folder games and flash cards. + and - first half of year, X and Division second half of year.
4. Seatwork {lowest group comes to me twice, the second time to do their seat work with accomodations}
This has worked very well for me and for the students!
If you love the Daily Five, you will ADORE this!
I have been evaluated during this and it was excellent! :)

Kinderpond said...

I love love love D5- use it for reading. I don't know how it would work for math though. We shuffle our children based on ability already between the other first grade teachers. We do math for the first hour of the day. I would love to know more about how everyone else does it too :)


Lori said...

You should go to the sister's website. I'm a member and they have a lot of great ideas. I made a bulletin board with categories and below it I put wipe off sentence strips so I could change the activities under it. I have practice facts, fact games, number games, strategy games, paper work. Hope this helps a little.

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