Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lists Galore (freebie)

I've seen a lot of to do lists popping up on blogs lately.  I thought I'd share mine.  I recreated it after seeing the one over at What the Teacher Wants! (you HAVE to check out this blog).  I made it with things that I was likely to need.
Click on the picture above to get my to do list.

Then I also tackled my project list.  I use this with both home and school projects.  I have the master list of projects to complete.  Then I will fill out a more outlined page for each project.  This allows me to work on things one step at a time as I get a minute (and usually not much more than that!) every so often.  My husband can also see where we are on our house projects (like our basement that is gutted out and needs to be refurnished into our master bedroom one day).

Click on either picture above to get these two pages.

Just to show how nerdy I am, here are some pics of my 'life' folder that I keep everything in.

Everyone has one right!  And don't worry these pics were taken before I really wrote on them : )

If you need to adapt any headings and would like them in publisher, just let me know!


Tamara L. Chilver said...

I will certainly use these. Thank you. Do you know what I get a lot of emails for? Chore charts. Is there anyway you can make a cute chore chart with the 7 days of the week. And parents can type in their child's specific chores.

Busy Bee said...

I do not think you are nerdy at all. Will you share more about your life folder? I like what I could see and love organizational tips!

Teachers Market said...

I love to-do lists and these are cute! Thanks so much! I posted these on my facebook page and blog!

Karen LeBlanc said...

Just what I needed to organize all my school and home projects. I'm printing them now!!! Thanks :)

Chrissy said...

Thank you!! I like the "find" section on your to-do list!


Mary said...

Wow... these lists are fabulous! Thank you. I would also love some more info on how you use your "life" folder. I have school and home organized in two different places and it doesn't really work.

Thank you :)
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Caitlin said...

These are fantastic!!! I will be adding these to my school files in the morning.

SillyTeacher said...

Love, love, LOVE your lists!!! I am list-lover and these are just great:) Thanks for sharing:)

The Gengler's said...

Love it! The only thing I can think I would change is the "baby" on the grocery list since my "baby" is now 3, ugh, and adding a "date" spot on the weekly planner, so I'd love if you'd share the edit-able version. Thanks soooo much, I am forever envious of all the organized people out there!