Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I See Colors (freebie)

I'm not sure where I found this SMART notebook file (look under Beginning Readers; it is the 9th one down; called I See Colors Emergent Reader and Activity) from Mrs. Sears originally but I loved the idea.  So I searched until I found it again on her site this time.  We practiced this together as a class for the color we were learning each day.  Then we made a word map of things that are that color as a class.  Then the students used the writing sheet below to practice writing their own sentences to make a book (the cover is in the file below too).

I have been impressed with how well most of my kiddos have done with this being their first 'real' writing on their own.

As always I will put this in my Teacher's Notebook store in case Google Docs decides not to work!

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