Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Word Families Sheet (freebie)

Everyone has seen the Easter egg word families on the web or on Pinterest, I'm sure.  It is certainly not a new idea.  One of my coworker asked oh so nicely if I would make a recording sheet for her set.  I was happy to oblige.  Since it was all made up, I thought I would share it with you all.

The simple idea is to write with sharpie on plastic Easter eggs.  On one end, you will write the word ending (at, an, it, etc.)  Then there are a couple of options for the other end.  You can write a different letter on each long end to have students match to make a word.  Or you can write multiple letters around the long end and students can twist to match and make a word.

For the recording sheet, the students will write the real words on the eggs in the correct nest.

Click on the picture to go to my TN shop and grab it for free!

As always, if you want the editable version so you can add your own word families, leave a comment with your email address or email me.

Let me know if you are able to use this!


JasenkaB said...

Hi Cathy! I'd love the editable version. My email is: This is a FANTASTIC idea! THANK YOU for sharing! :)

Terry said...

Hi Cathy,
I too would love an editable version.
My email is
Thank you for being so kind, especially with your busy schedule.

lovetocraft said...

Hi Cathy,
I too would love an editable version for my first grade class. My email is
Thank you,

Tamara L. Chilver said...

I love it! And believe it or not, I did not know about this idea. :)

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

This is great! wish I had it earlier..............LOL, we will definitely be using some plastic eggs after the Spring Break week!

lraines said...

I would also like the editable version. Thank you so much!

lraines said...

I'm sorry I left a letter out of my name in my email.

Mrs. McKown said...

This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Jess said...

Thanks for the freebie-it is so cute!
Tag your it! Come over to my blog to check it out!
Rambling About Reading

BMiller said...

Hello, Thank you much for creating and sharing this adorable freebie. I'd love to have the editable version. My email is

Jeni said...

Hi Cathy,
this is such a great idea! I would dearly love to have an editable version if I could.

thank you for you time in doing this.

Jennifer Dean

Roberta said...

Thanks so much!

Megan Horman said...

I love this idea. My kids are just really getting into word families. I would love the editable version. Thanks.

Pam said...

I'd love to have an editable version of this! Thanks so much for sharing. My email is