Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teacher Supply Caddy (freebie)

So I've been busy trying to get my room done, especially with all the painting.  One thing I did was get rid of my teacher desk area.  That meant I needed a new way to organize all my 'stuff'.  I've seen those little tool caddies all over the place.  I asked told hubby that I was taking the one from the garage.  I whipped up some little labels and got it all put together.  I think it turned out pretty cute especially since it was free!  And yes I had to put them in alphabetical order.  I sent this picture to my hubby and he commented on how many sharpies I had to have.  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

You can grab the labels in my TpT store or TN shop (I'll add it here when TN lets me upload again)!

Literally as soon as I finished this one of the other teachers got rid of this!
I am working on some different labels for this box.  I am going to use this at my teacher group table.  I already have scissors, crayons, erasers, markers, felt tip pens, pointers, and pencils.

What are your must have items for your teacher group area?  Be sure to include your email address as I might just be moved to thank you for your suggestions!


Mona said...

It looks like you have 30 little drawers at the top...In our reading program, we have little cardstock tile letters (they drive me crazy). I would be tempted to put those in those little drawers. If you didn't have/need the card letters, you might put magnetic letters?
Other things that I use at the teacher's station...dryerase markers, erasers, cap/block erasers, rewards/treats/stickers, tokens to tap out or blend sounds (I use these with Elkonian boxes) such as mini erasers, colored discs, coins, etc.
I hope this helps!

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

I have to agree with Mona, the little ones I'd use for letters, one of my teacher friends has all a's in one and so on, call's it her phonics drawers. I have my scrabble tiles sorted this way guess I'm to ocd to put all different a's in one. Love your toolbox, I've got one that is all large drawers, got to get decorating.

Lslouka said...

Post it notes and stickers are a must for me. Also "spacemen" tongue depressors for students to use when writing. Lslouka(at)msn(dot)com

SillyTeacher said...

Yep! I was going to say letters, but also my student pointers, highlighter tape, stamps, post it notes, highlighters, extra fine sharpies (for my notes), sharpies (for student use), and our reward tickets (for PBIS). Good luck from one Mrs. I to another:)

Hopeless said...

Wow, i enlarge the images above and i must say that you did the right thing.It makes more organized and well defined.It is much easy to find those things because of those labels.

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