Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Writer's Workshop Writing Paper (freebie)

So we are doing things a little differently so that is why I haven't been on as much.  We are doing reader's and writer's workshops this year.  We are busy making plans that look like this.

Exciting to share, right?  I did make some new writing paper to use during writer's workshop since my little darlings are nowhere near ready for the double check writing paper.  It is pretty basic but if you want it come grab it.  The box at the top is for the date stamp!

I am totally using this idea from Giggle and Squeals to post the papers on the wall and they get to sign it when they have "mastered" writing on that many lines.  I think they will love it!

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Neekmo said...

Hello! That form looks familiar! Are you by any chance with NKCSD? If so, what do you think of your units this year? And how do you like the workshop model? We were using CAFE last year.

FanStory said...

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Unknown said...

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