Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tub Insanity! (freebie)

I don't know about you but I am in tub overload!  I have my Daily 5 type tubs, reading group tubs, math workstation tubs, and learning stations tubs!  I'll admit it.  I love doing them.  They really engage the students but I always have a hard time remembering which tables have done which tubs.  sometimes we do more than one rotation of them so it throws off written schedules.  So I whipped up some labels to stick on my math workstation tubs and my learning station tubs to help me out.  I am going to laminate them and once a table group has done that tub I can check it off with a sharpie.  (In case you didn't know it, static guard takes sharpie off of laminate and most plastics!)  Click the picture to go grab them if you can use them!


lorena said...

Super idea! Thanks for the static guard tip! :)

4321Teach said...

Hey- I am a Missouri blogger and I found you through the Blogs by State.
Just wanted to say hi!!
I am your newest follower. :)