Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morning Work

Even though it is spring break, we know teachers are always thinking about the plans for when school starts back up.  One of my downfalls is morning work.  I always have the best intentions but usually just end up finding a random sheet that usually relates to something we have been learning.  However I have found an amazing resource to save this start of my day.


Danielle Kroger over at Kroger's Kindergarten has these awesome Morning Work packs!  They include ELA and Math Standards to practice every day!  

I truly adore these packs!  They are simple for the kids to understand after a few uses.  They are completely focused on the things that my students need to be practicing.  These help my students start the day ready to learn!

So run over to her TpT store and grab one to try out!  I promise you will be back for more!

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