Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing Book Study - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Drawing

The title of this chapter says it all!  : )  There was a good chunk devoted to walking you through a sketching session.  I was glad they included examples of what the kids work actually looked like because as I read it I was afraid they were going to have all these perfect pictures.  I know this would not be the case as I always have a lot that have not really ever held pencils before.

My notes from this chapter:
*Take time to show what it is to really observe and draw realistically rather than symbolically

*Look for shapes in things to help aid in drawing them

*When doing sketch times, rather than just saying "I think it looks great" when a child is not happy with their drawing, try things like "What is it you are not sure about" to help them know you are there to listen and help

*Create a drawing center/learning station (include different pencils, sketchbooks/paper, objects to sketch - loved the ideas of finding the things students are already interested in like their favorite toys, etc.)

Favorite quote:
"Drawing itself is a part of learning: learning to use one's eyes to see more intensely."

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Next up: Chapter 4 - The Craft of Drawing

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Teaching with Grace said...

I wrote down so many of the same things that you did. I'm planning on taking a shape walk at the beginning of the year so students can look at items in the school and figure out how to draw. This was an idea left in a comment on my Chapter 3 post. Such a great idea!

Thank you for linking up!