Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Look Back

My "little" girl turned 6 today.  Of course, it was a fun filled birthday weekend!

It's hard to believe she started out like this...
2 months early and terrifying us for 2 weeks while having to be in the NICU.

In honor of my beautiful baby girl, I'm going to share one of her favorite things I ever made up for her during "Mommy school" when we was little.  In my first blogging adventure that did not last long : )  

It was the simplest color matching game ever that I made.  It was a classic moment of looking at something and realizing what I could do with it.  In the years since I've seen them pop up on blogs and Pinterest and it makes me smile to remember my little cutie that tested it out soooo long ago.

Feel free to hop over and see the simple idea and my then tiny tot  : )

*Thanks for indulging my family side : )

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Heidi Butkus said...

How beautiful she is!!! Thank you for sharing! And it's so funny- I think that I, too, pinned your cute little color matching game, too! I love it!

Congratulations on raising your precious daughter to age 6. Give her a hug from me, and God bless you both!
Heidi Butkus