Monday, March 21, 2011

Label the Parts of a Fish (freebie)

We are starting our Animals 2x2 unit.  First up are fish.  The students have to label the different parts of the fish.  I made up this simple outline and thought I would share for those who can use it.  I do have the answer sheet in powerpoint form if anyone needs it.  I will project the answer sheet on our board so they can use it to help them fill in their own.


April said...

Thanks! We do Animals 2x2 here in Stillwater! I have a Smartboard file similar to what you posted - if you are interested, let me know. I would love to share with you!

Terry Yordan said...

I would love to have a copy of the fish labeling page.

Mrs. Moreno said...

Thank you for this fish activity. Just what I was looking for to teach about fish.