Sunday, June 17, 2012

Amazing Pencil Sharpener!

Have you already heard about these?  I certainly had and I really wanted one.  I begged for one for my upcoming birthday.  My husband thought I was crazy.  Then lucky me, Troy from Classroom Friendly Supplies sent me one to review!  Needless to say, there was an extreme happy dance at the mailbox when it arrived.

So here's my opinion on this pencil sharpener.  It is everything it claims to be on the website.  It is really quiet and sharpens pencils perfectly.  I cannot wait to have my 25 Kindergarten kiddos use it.  No more having to wait until someone is done sharpening their pencil to hear the student I am conferencing with.

A few things I do want to note.  The sharpener pictured above is intended only for regular pencils.  Colored pencils do not sharpen in it.  (One of coworkers tested that out!)  The specifics on the website state it is for standard pencils so it is not misleading.  I do think it will take a little training for my little ones to get the hang of how to use it (mainly inserting the pencil using the clamp) but they certainly will be able to.  My own almost 2 year old could turn the handle so once I've shown them how to get it in it should be a snap.

Overall, I have to say I LOVE this pencil sharpener.  I will definitely be looking to buy a couple more for my room.  I'm curious about the car sharpener as it works on colored pencils as well.  I highly recommend buying one (or 3!) of these!  They are a teacher's dream come true!  So head over to Classroom Friendly Supplies and check them out!



Jennifer Tilton said...

I have heard of these. I may need to retire my electrics. I like that your students can use it all by themselves. I don't let mine sharpen with my electrics because I am afraid they will break them. I will have to check these out!

Rory Fugerson said...
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