Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Counting Jar (freebie)

This is going to be a short post because I am bogged down with F&P testing.  But I have a freebie I wanted to share.  We use Math Investigations.  One of the components is a counting jar that reappears randomly throughout the year.  I created this simple recording sheet to go along with the activity.  I print them front/back and cut in fourths.  The kids record their guess on the thought bubble side.  Then they count what's in the jar and write the number on the lid of the jar picture and draw that many things inside the jar.  Easy peasy right?  My kids like it!  Click the pictures below to grab them!


*Oops!  If you had trouble downloading, it should be fixed now!*


Lisa Morrow said...

THank you for the freebie-great idea! I can't access the files though. Is it me? Can you please send it to me?

Bethany Hogan said...
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Bethany Hogan said...

Hi, I also cant seem to download or save the counting jars
Can they be sent to me aswell??
curly 2 fries @ yahoo . ca