Thursday, July 11, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing Book Study - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Writing Words

With a million things on my to do list and not much time before school starts, these are going to be very concise notes on the chapter!!

* Includes lessons on Listening for Sounds in Words, Writing a Whole Sentence, Looking at the Illustration When You Can't Read the Text, Going Back and Touching, Valuing Differences in How We Write Words, Some Words You Don't Have to Sounds Out, and Writing Big Words We Use in Telling Our Stories

*Sequence of writing:
- Think of what you want to say
- Say the word slowly
- Listen to the sounds in the word
- Think about what letters makes those sounds
- Think about how to make those letters
- Write the letters for the sounds you hear

*If you can say the word, you can write it!

*Awesome lesson on what to do when the kids forget how to stay focused an work quietly; model how to do writing like a kid only with thinking aloud; when they start to shout out ideas and letters to use, talk about how noisy it is and move to another spot; work for a while and they should get the idea  and get quiet; then move back to finish; lesson=we need to be able to focus on our own work

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Up next, Chapter 6 - Assessment

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