Friday, July 12, 2013

Talking, Drawing, Writing Book Study - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Assessment

This chapter spent some time providing samples of student work to use to discuss how to look at what they are already doing and where they need more guidance.

*Find time to really look at your students work outside of student conference time

*Look at what they can do in the domain of the craft of writing, not just mechanics

*Know what the student already does and pick one or two goals for them to work on

*Decide the best time to work on those goals (mini-lessons, interactive writing, conference, read aloud, conversation, morning meeting, word study)

*Like the recording sheets they use for both individual and whole group tracking 

*Use a group to study each week as a snapshot of what lessons the students need

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Next up:  Chapter 7 - Introducing Booklets

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Jennifer Gibbons said...

I love how they focused on goal setting. So important! Thanks for sharing!