Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carson Dellosa Thinking Mats (Review and Giveaway)

Carson Dellosa sent a set of Thinking Mats geared toward Common Core for me to try out.  I don't know about you but I don't get to order very much through school.  And I am beyond picky when it comes to what I spend my money on.

I was pleasantly surprised when these arrived.  The kit consists of 15 different mats and the cards to go with them.  They are all made of a thick, glossy cardstock type paper (no need for laminating!).  The cards are perforated so no cutting involved.  The mats and cards are all conveniently color coded so clean up is easy!

For Counting and Cardinality, the mats work on recognizing numerals, writing numerals, one to one correspondence counting and greater than/less than.  (K.CC.A3, K.CC.B4, K.CC.B5, K.CC.C6)

For Operations and Algebraic Thinking, the mats work on addition, ways to make a number, and subtraction. (K.OA.A1, K.OA.A2, K.OA.A3, K.OA.A5)

For Number and Operations in Base Ten, the mats work on building in ten frames and having extra ones. (K.NBT.A1)

For Measurement and Data, the mats work on measuring with nonstandard units and sorting/classifying. (K.MD.A1, K.MD.B3)

For Geometry, the mats work on positions, sorting by attributes, and 2D/3D shapes.  (K.G.A1, K.G.A2, K.G.B4)

Honestly, my own kids were with me when we came home and found it on the porch.  They were so excited!  Now they ask to "do math" every night.  Trust me that is weird coming out a 3 year olds mouth!

I seriously can't wait to get these into my room with my new kiddos.  They are going to love them!

You can check this kit out over at Carson Dellosa here and watch a video about them here.

Some awesome news...Carson Dellosa is giving one of my reader a set of Thinking Mats!  You can choose the grade level.  This giveaway is only open to US Residents and obviously the winner will need to provide their mailing address.

Good luck!!

*I was given the product in return for an honest review.  The ideas expressed are my own!

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I hope I win! This is the product that I wanted to review but didn't reply soon enough. Thanks for posting!!!
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