Friday, August 16, 2013

Focus on Alphabet Centers Part 1

This year we are going to start our day in Literacy Centers.  At the beginning of the year that will consist of alphabet centers.  I thought I would share what mine are looking like for now and show you where to find some of them.  Please excuse the pictures; I took them quickly to give you the idea while I was filling them!

from Growing in PreK

Animated Literacy Uppercase/Lowercase Memory Game
from me (sorry I can't share because of the graphics)

from Making Learning Fun

from Making Learning Fun

I used these little cars from Dollar Tree because they are so little they require the kids to use their fine motor more than normal sized cars.

Please visit the sites linked to check out the activities.  They have some other great ideas too!

I will show some more of my alphabet centers next time!

Hope you find something you can use!!

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