Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Writing Paper Version Requests (freebie)

I had some other requests for changes to the writing paper so here you go.

Here are both versions of the paper turned to be horizontal.

Someone also asked for just the reminder parts to attach to writing notebooks so here is a page with only the reminders.

As always if you need the publisher version for any reason, just let me know!


Ali said...

Could I have the publisher version? I would like to tweek it a little and add some things. I would like to add a place to date stamp and a place for a title

I am interested to try this type of lines with my kinders....we've only used one line in past (not top, bottom, and middle dotted)


hm said...

Could I get a publisher version as well? I would like to make some tweeks to fit with second graders.


Courtney said...

I was wondering if you could send me your double check paper in publisher format. Thanks.

Keri said...

hi! thank you so much for sharing this...i used it last week in my ww and the kids LOVED it...very very appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there anyway you could send me the publisher version of the Double Check Writing Reminders? My email address is

Thank you!

lauras008 said...


Love the paper. Could you please send me a publisher version? My email is


Laura Summers

Lauren Marshall said...


This is such a great idea. Could you please send me a publisher version? My email is

Lauren Marshall

Pnbps said...

These are wonderful and will support writing so well...may I also have the publisher version?

Katy said...

Hello! I love this editing checklist to add to writer's notebooks. Is there any way you could send me the publisher version? They only change we would have to make for our school is that the "period" portion would have it labeled as punctuation so that all forms of punctuation could be used!

Thanks for sharing!

Katy Ratliff

Ms. Harkin said...

These are so cute! Could I please have the publisher version? There are just a few to many lines for my K's right now. Also, if I could have the page that has just the reminders on it in the publisher version, that way I could add it to other papers that I have. Thank you for sharing! These are awesome! Thanks! Erin,

Bec said...

Could I get the publisher version. This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

pgoldman said...

I can't seem to get this to load. Is there any way to send me a copy? I love what you have created and will use it with some of my kids that come to resource.