Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writing Prompts (freebie)

I had been thinking about making some writing prompts.  Then Rachelle over at What the Teacher Wants posted this and I was inspired!

So here is the first set of what I am sure is going to be many more.

If you have any topics or starts you want me to do, let me know!


Kimberly said...

Love your writing prompts! I am a new follower.
Funky First Grade Fun

Busy Bee said...

I thought I commented the other day when I downloaded, but anyway, thank you for sharing! I loved What the Teacher Wants ones when she posted, now I have more to love! Thanks for sharing! I've used several already for their scrapbooks!

Busy Bee said...

Ok, after posting this one, I know what happened. The box doesn't work well. It is hard to get to the part you enter the code and submit. I bet that is why you don't have a zillion thank yous! I wrote a comment and couldn't get it to work!

vsk said...

Thank you so much I love your self checking points down at the bottom! Any chance you will make more? I would love to create for small journals for next year using this formate that would relate to themes/holidays.