Thursday, July 28, 2011

Holy Vistaprint!

*You can check out this post to see how I got this stuff.  Unfortunately I don't think they will extend the free shipping deal any longer.*

My order came!  How awesome is this!  For $1.24 per student I got a shirt, hat, mug, pen, sticky note pad, keychain, tote bag, Super Star stamp, and photobook.  Plus I got 140 labels with each order and 250 business cards!

I am going to use the shirts at the end of the year to have them sign their names on each others shirts!

 And completely not school related but too cute not to mention.   My little boy turned 1 today!!


Mrs Perea's Class said...

What a deal! Congratulations on your son's first birthday. He's a cutie!

Mrs Perea's Class said...

Ooops I forgot to ask....was there a special promotion or a certain package for all of this?

Busy Bees said...

You got a ton! I haven't ordered anything yet. I have been thinking I need to do it this weekend!! How precious of a picture of your little boy!!

Wife of a 2nd City Copper said...

How did you get all that for $1.24 per student? Awesome!

jessica w said...

yes please share how you scored all that for 1.24!! awesome job!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Your son is so precious!

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